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What We Offer

Yoga Classes

We offer a variety of yoga classes open to people from all walks of life. Non-judgment is the cornerstone of our classes. Creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and accessibility. We believe that yoga is for every body. Our studio is available to all levels of practice, with individual classes, ranging from slow and restorative, to a fast-paced power flow. We have something for everyone. Giving you a safe space to explore and challenge your mind, body and spirit, wherever you may be - whomever you may be. Head on over to the Yoga menu to find our schedule of classes, book a class, yoga class pricing, FAQs and more!


Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal Life-Force Energy. It is a non-invasive natural method that accesses this energy to promote healing of the spirit, mind, emotions and body. We believe that disease occurs when this life-force energy becomes disrupted. Healing disease isn't the main focus of reiki; we heal the heart and soul first, which in turn helps heal the body. A session facilitates an environment for healing on all levels, by unblocking the body's energetic channels and moving stagnant energy, balancing the chakras and cleansing the aural field. The sensations you feel may vary, as everyone has different sensitivity to energy, however, the overall experience is peaceful and relaxing. Head on over to the Reiki menu to find more pricing information, book a session, see FAQs and more!

Wellness Boutique

Whether you are looking for spiritual gifts and tools, natural wellness products that incorporate herbs and essential oils, or just items to help nurture and enhance your personal space; you will find what feeds your mind, body and soul in our wellness shop. We have partnered with local small businesses to bring you handcrafted items that can help you along your journey.

Gift Cards

We now offer gift cards that can be applied to wellness boutique products and in studio services such as yoga classes and reiki sessions. Give the gift of wellness and click here to buy a gift card for your family, friends and loved ones.

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