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What WE are doing for you:

  • Decreasing our yoga class capacity to fifteen students + instructor.

  • Recommending mask wearing in our studio.

  • Optimizing our in-person schedule to allow for more empty studio time. More empty studio time = more time for air to be recirculated and purified.

  • Requiring each instructor and staff member abide by and enforce best practices.

  • Stocking up on hand sanitizer and soap, and wiping down all shared surfaces between classes with disinfectant spray and/or wipes.

  • Deep cleaning the space on a regular basis.

  • Reducing the need for customers to come in contact with anything beyond their own mats and own props.

  • Keeping your safety and the safety of our instructors at the top of every decision we make.

  • Sanitizing the reiki room in between each customer and any high contact surface throughout the space.

  • Allowing time between each reiki session.

What we need YOUR help with:

  • Do not come to class if any of the following apply:

    • You have had a fever or experienced any signs or symptoms of the flu and/or COVID for 48 hours.

    • You have traveled to any hotspot areas.

    • You have been exposed to anyone with a positive or a presumed positive COVID diagnosis in the 14 days leading up to your class.

    • By entering the studio, you are confirming that you are in good health and none of the above apply to you.

  • Sign up online prior to coming to the studio for class. This is REQUIRED due to our reduced class cap. No walk-ins will be admitted who are not on the roster. Please be considerate and refrain from enrolling in classes you do not intend to take to ensure you are not keeping a spot from someone else.

  • Bring your own props, mat, a full water bottle, and a towel as we will not be providing these.

  • Do not enter the studio until 10 minutes before class begins, observe social distancing upon arrival, and abide by all requests from your instructor.

  • Use the communal hand sanitizer, located on the check in desk or wash your hands in the sink before entering the main studio area.

  • Wear a clean mask inside if desired. Masks are not required but recommended.

  • Vacate the building immediately after class, observing appropriate social distancing. You are welcome to continue socializing with each other outside!

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