Meet The Pure Prana Path Team

When the founders and husband team, Daniel and Chris met, they immediately knew they wanted the same thing. To ignite change. To serve, guide and uplift others. To touch hearts. And to create a safe and comfortable space where people who were committed to growing in mind, body and spirit could come together, as they are. A space of inclusivity, non-judgment and open-heartedness. So together, they decided to bring Pure Prana Path to life. They brought on a talented team of instructors, who themselves embody the values and beliefs. They can’t wait to meet you.



Co-Founder & Owner

Certified Yoga Instructor: RYT-200

Chris’s journey into yoga began almost a decade ago. Yoga found him while he was in a very dark spot in his life; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. At the beginning, his practice allowed him to process difficult emotions and trauma, calm his mind and thoughts down, open his heart, and connect to an energy much bigger than himself. 
Today, his practice has continued to grow, just as he does. It is ever evolving. He uses his asana practice as meditation in movement, while incorporating the other seven limbs of yoga into his life off the mat to try to cultivate peace internally wherever he may be. Yoga is more than an hour at a time in a studio to him, it is a way of living. 
Part of that way of living is being of service to others, helping others grow, and guiding others to be their authentic selves. Outside of the studio, Chris is a part of SerenityStar/Comfort Cafe, a non-profit recovery center. Chris, a person in long term recovery, wishes to help other achieve recovery, just as was done for him. Yoga has helped him on that journey as well. 
Chris is ready and willing to walk with you, guide you, and teach you on your journey to rediscovering who you truly are. He holds compassion, integrity, and honesty above all else. He can’t wait to see you in the studio! 



Co-Founder & Owner

Reiki Practitioner - Level 1, Certified Buti Yoga Instructor 

Daniel moved to the US from El Salvador with his family when he was 6 years old for a better life. Being the child of immigrants, he was taught to work hard for what he wanted, to live humbly, to care fiercely and not take anything for granted. With heavy compassion from a young age, he always wanted to help others. This turned into a goal to make a difference in this world, no matter how small, and to let that difference show in the hearts that he touches.
He considers his first yoga practice as his true spiritual awakening. Yoga opened the door for him to heal through trauma, explore himself further, unlock his gifts and grow. It has helped him step onto his path as a light worker and healer, ultimately stepping into purpose, and has become a transformative tool in his life. Yoga turned from a practice on the mat to a practice he carries out in real life. Daniel wants to help others discover their own paths while allowing them to feel safe and propel their growth forward. Sharing his knowledge and experiences by holding space for those who need it, through yoga classes, reiki sessions and other spiritual modalities.
Daniel has been certified as a Buti Yoga Instructor and is completing a 200 HR YTT. He is an intuitive empath and has studied herbal alchemy, aromatherapy, Reiki and is looking into expanding his knowledge of energy healing. He is also a self published poet, who uses his words to heal and let others know that they are not alone in their journey of healing and of finding out who they are. He can’t wait to share this space and grow along with everyone!




Certified Yoga Instructor: RYT-200, Trauma Informed Yoga

Nikki’s deep rooted passion for holistic wellness has fueled her work as a therapist, as well as her yoga practice. In her yoga classes, Nikki encourages students to hold space for themselves and to allow their practice to be a creative expression of who they are and how they feel in the moment. Nikki is passionate about teaching playful, powerful, and nourishing yoga flows to everyone she is blessed to share space with. 

Nikki has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from UTSA, as well as the honor of being licensed therapist in the state of Texas. Nikki is a RYT 200 with additional training in Healing with Trauma Informed Yoga. Nikki is a therapist and yoga teacher at a local domestic violence shelter, where she witnesses the transformative power of movement and meditation on a daily basis. In her free time, Nikki loves to spend time with her husband and two young daughters, preferably by the water, soaking up the sunshine.




Certified Yoga Instructor: RYT-200, Yoga for Kids

Dakota began her yoga journey years ago for 2 reasons — to help reduce stress/anxiety and to help with chronic pain. Over the years she has been able to use yoga as a “meditative medicine” to help overcome challenges and difficulties, both physically and mentally. Dakota hopes to share her knowledge and skills with you every opportunity she gets. Dakota believes that connecting to our inner peace is a very important tool to have, and she enjoys sharing that experience with everyone who crosses her path. She is very grateful for all of her students and fellow teachers and she looks forward to meeting you in class!




Certified Yoga Instructor: RYT-200, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)

Caprice is a Graphic Artist who brings creativity to the mat, providing her students space for self-exploration and the opportunity to cultivate self-love, compassion, connection, awareness and authentic self-expression.

After spinal fusion surgery, she embraced yoga to heal physically. Through the practice she experienced a transformative shift that awakened a deeper understanding of self, realizing that true healing occurs when you begin to live authentically. As an instructor, she inspires others to discover their yoga journey, believing it is never too late to begin again.

Caprice has traveled extensively, practicing yoga with world-renowned instructors at Wanderlust, to the jungles of Bali and even to Kathmandu in Nepal. She is currently pursuing advanced training to acquire her 500-hour teacher certification.




Certified Yoga Instructor: RYT-200

Maka is a latin woman, born in Santiago de Chile and raised throughout the world. In Chile, she worked as a psychologist for over 3 years and certified as a coach in neurolinguistic programming (NLP). 

In 2018, she changes her life and goes to live in Hawai’i. There she graduated with her 200-hour certificate Vinyasa Yoga at Yogaloha Hawaii.  Later on that year she moved to Kansas City, Mo, where she worked for 2 years, meanwhile she studied to become an Herbalist Apprenticeship. During 2020 she moved to San Antonio, TX, to expand her passion for Yoga and keep with her studies, with a new certification as an Hypopressive Instructor. 

Since that day the love for connection with the body, mind and spirit has been a dance of personal and professional growth, to live fully. 

Yoga for Maka is the constant ‘Movement that awakens the soul’. 




Certified Yoga Instructor: RYT-200

Hi I’m Selene (RYT200). I’m so glad to be a part of the Pure Prana Path team! I strive to provide my students a safe place where they can truly be in the current moment without worrying about what has already happened or may happen in the future. I enjoy exploring the balance between Yin and Yang yoga and how that applies to life on and off the yoga mat. It is truly an honor to be one of the light posts that guide a student down their own yoga journey.